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Brooks Laich on playoff beards.

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(by alena rani)

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“I really don’t care about that awareness stuff. To be honest I’m sick of hearing all this talk about concussions and about the quiet room,” said Laich, who is Washington’s NHLPA representative. “This is what we love to do. Guys love to play, they love to compete, they want to be on the ice.

“How do you take that away from somebody? We accept that there’s going to be dangers when we play this game and know that every night that you get dressed. Sometimes it just feels like we’re being babysat a little too much. We’re grown men and we should have a little bit of say in what we want to do.”

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Brooks Laich | Top 6 Pictures

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Finally after about 5 days, a photo of Karl Alzner with his playoff beard for the Bears for hobojew.

Credit to Kyle Mace.

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