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Convincing a child to own the throne takes a lot of persuasion, and the prospect of wearing big boy/big girl underwear often does the trick.

When Nicole Oskam took her two-year-old daughter Anneke shopping for big girl underwear 14 years ago, pink was out, as were unicorns and Strawberry Shortcake. Anneke wanted Superman underwear and wasn’t leaving the store without them.

Anneke, fantastic taste in superhero gitch and all, was a gender nonconforming child from a very young age, according to Nicole, who assumed her daughter was a tomboy.

Fast-forward from the beginning of Anneke’s journey to where she is today and, well, a lot has changed.

For starters, Anneke is now Cory, a 16-year-old male currently blissfully residing on cloud nine after sharing the ice at Rogers Arena with Vancouver Canucks goaltender Cory Schneider.

Yes, the most recent chapter to Cory’s story had him standing beside his hero, after whom he renamed himself upon making the transition to become male, as part of Minor Hockey Week when the Canucks hosted the Calgary Flames on January 23rd. x

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Cabbie Presents: Vancouver Canucks Workplace

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The boys at the BC Lions game

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Today Alex wears: Those shoes he always wears, a whitecaps scarf, visible stress because the Whitecaps defense sometimes makes mistakes and ha can empathize.

Shoutout to everyone else for rockin’ the shades. Y’all look fab.

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Excellent Adventure: Schneider
↳ Joey, Jory & Rory visit Cory Schneider’s hometown of Boston

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“I’m actually not a bad basketball player.”

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