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Today’s events in Canuckville were by far the most entertaining of the season.

Roberto Luongo, taking one for the team again, will waive his no-trade clause.  He’ll also be happy to stay, whatever is best for the team.  Geez, with this display of character, maybe we should keep him.

Ryan Kesler, it was revealed, is suffering from a shoulder injury as well as chronic hip pain.  This explains a lot.  But, we’ve seen this before at season’s end.  Hopefully, this time around he will take the necessary time to completely heal.

The worse the Cody Hodgson for Zack Kassian trade looks, the more Mike Gillis throws young Hodgson under the bus.  Evidently, during his three years here, Cody and his camp demanded more of Mike Gillis’ time than all other players combined.  And further, according to Gillis, Hodgson received preferential ice-time this season to increase his trade value.  But really, what does that have to do with evaluating the move that was made?  At any rate, doesn’t Gillis have to answer for misjudging the player’s character so badly?  It was his draft pick after all.

And further revelations from today indicated that Mike Gillis has the back of his coach, Alain Vigneault.  But clearly, the fate of both will be in the hands of ownership in the coming weeks with possible contract extensions in the offing.

Despite the late season transition of his team to a much lower scoring unit, Gillis insists that playing an uptempo, offensive style is still what he believes in.  But does the NHL?  Take a look around, all the best offensive teams (save Philadelphia) are out (Vancouver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Chicago) or facing elimination (Boston, Ottawa).

In short, Gillis didn’t accept much culpability for what happened this season, making excuses where possible and supporting his team and staff.

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Cody Hodgson speaks to the media prior to the game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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cody saying goodbye to the team 

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David Booth and Cody Hodgson giving tips and encouragement to young players in the 7th annual First Strides event (x)

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February 13, 2012: Cody Hodgson’s shootout goal versus Phoenix Coyote goaltender Jason LaBarbera

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